We Remove the structural barriers to access and enable you to THRIVE in the home of your choice

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  1. Room-by-room, scenario-by-scenario, we evaluate your current home using TLC's Home Accessibility Report. This Report identifies safety hazards and barriers to access in the home. In this detailed report we provide guidelines for eliminating these hazards and barriers by one or two ways: A) making physical adaptations to the home or B) adding safety features to enable safe access inside the home. 
  2. Work with you to define the scope of work in accordance with the customized Home Accessibility Report.
  3. Help you to find the right architect and contractor to do the work.
  4. From demolition to final finish, we advocate on your behalf and provide oversight on your construction project done by outside architects and contractors.  

If the best choice for you is to stay in your home, TLC can develop a caring transitions plan that adapts your present home to meet your evolving needs and demands while maintaining maximum quality of life.  We will advocate on your behalf with architects and contractors to creatively plan an environment using design-for-all elements that are aesthetically appealing and make your home functional, safer, more organized and easier to maintain.  

What is Universal & Accessible Design?


Universal and accessible design is a design approach that allows people to thrive in place. It is human-centric design, accommodating people of all sizes, ages and abilities. Specifically universal and accessible design benefits the widest possible range of people in the widest range of situations without special or separate design. 

With Transitional Living Company clients can benefit from a single point of contact, meaning  there’s only one person to call with questions. Because we are the overseer of multiple job junctions taking place at the same time, we advocate on behalf of our older adult clients and provide oversight across multiple disciplines (e.g., architects, designers, general contractors) to ensure a seamless transition of the ENTIRE construction journey from start to finish.

What We Do 

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