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​Transitional Living Company


  • Planning and preparation
  • Customized floor planning
  • Determine moving time table
  • Family coordination
  • Estate sale/house closure arrangements
  • Utility changes
  • Moving van arrangements

move Management

​​​Because everyone of us has done it at least once in our lives, moving can seem like a no brainer. Transitional Living Company understands the thought of moving overwhelms you. We also understand that moving is traumatic. 

Did you know that over the past two decades, increasing attention has been paid to relocation stress syndrome (RSS). Also known as transfer trauma. RSS is characterized by a combination of physiologic and psychologic disturbances that occur as a result of transferring a person from one environment to another.

Transitional Living Company mitigates the trauma associated with moving. Coupled with a deep understanding about the moving industry, our team of experienced professionals are sensitive to your moving needs. Transitional Living Company listens to your concerns and we honor your moving preferences. We understand the importance of making sure your voice is heard not only in planning your move, but also during the move itself and when setting up your new home. 

Here is what you can expect from Transitional Living Company


  • Charity Pack
  • Professionally pack all items for move
  • Provide boxes and supplies

Unpack & Re-settle

  • Arrange furniture
  • Unpack and remove boxes
  • Put things away
  • Make the beds
  • Set up kitchen and bathrooms
  • Connect telephone, TV and lamps
  • Hang pictures

Moving Day

  • Final packing
  • Personal care for client
  • Meet and direct movers

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