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If you choose to move to a new home, TLC can develop a caring transitions plan that makes the journey seamless and less stressful. Because we are an integrated company with construction, real estate and move management all bundled together, clients, for whom we represent in some facets of all three can benefit from a single point of contact.

For clients whom we represent in the selling of their home, condo or townhouse, they can enjoy having a single point of contact for both their real estate transaction and senior move management. With a single-point of contact, there‚Äôs only one person to call with questions. Also because we are the overseer of multiple things taking place at the same time, we can advocate on behalf of our older adult clients across projects to ensure a seamless transition of the ENTIRE move journey from start to finish. 

We develop an overall move plan with the following services.

  1. Help you sell your current home through Realty TLC, a sister company of Transitional Living Company
  2. Organize and sort household items, providing a complete inventory for each action required:  keep, sell, donate or dispose.
  3. Arrange for the disposal of unwanted items through auction, estate sales, consignment, donation, or a combination of each.
  4. Coordinate appraisals for high-value items through reliable sources.
  5. Make arrangements for related services, such as cleaning, storage and waste removal where necessary.
  6. Coordinate with certified contractors for any renovation required to existing home prior to putting it on the market for sale.
  7. Create furniture layouts and customized floor plans for your new place using your furniture and accessories to meet your current and future needs.
  8. Shop for new equipment or furniture as needed for your new home.