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Did you know 9 out of 10 older adults want to remain in their homes as they age?  Whether you decide to stay in your current home or move to another residence that better suits your needs, Transitional Living Company can help.  ​If the best choice for you is to stay in your home, TLC can develop a caring transitions plan that adapts your present home to meet your evolving needs and demands while maintaining maximum quality of life.  We will creatively plan an environment with design-for-all  products and elements that make your home functional, safer, more organized and easier to maintain.  We evaluate your home, room-by-room, scenario-by-scenario with a customized Home Accessibility Report to identify and suggest changes for your future needs that eliminate any barriers to access within your home. 

Home accessibility report

The Home Accessibility Report is a home assessment that identifies safety hazards or, barriers to access in the home. In this detailed report we suggest ways to eliminate these hazards and barriers by one or two ways:

  1. Making physical adaptations to the home or

  2. Adding safety features to enable safe access inside the home. 

The Home Accessibility Report is a bit similar to that of a regular Home Inspection Report that one conducts before purchasing a home. However, what is different about the Home Accessibility Report is it:

  • Takes into account the physical and/or cognitive challenges of the residents occupying the home;

  • Looks at every room in the house, scenario by scenario, meaning what tasks are performed in that room;
  • Makes specific home improvement recommends for each room in the house to improve the safety, comfort and independence of occupants of the home.

The Home Accessibility Report takes about 90-minutes to complete. With each assessment, Transitional Living Company provides a written report with suggestions of what homeowners might consider to do to remove barriers to access in their home and what feature can be added to ensure greater safety.

At our client’s request, upon completion of the Home Accessibility Report, Transitional Living Company will assemble qualified and reputable contractors and architects to do the renovation.

Many of the licensed, bonded and insured contractors we work with have earned the CAPS® designation. We advocate on behalf of our older adult client and we provide the necessary oversight for all home renovations & minor rehabs to address our clients’ ’ specific aging-in-place needs. 

Staying put

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